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Abd El-Rahman El-Nachar
Zeinab El-Seginy

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In the 60 's of the 20th century , the damage of his first and primer artwork has struck Abd El Rahman El-Nachar as a novice artist, leaving behind a sorrow that has long settled in his mind. This memory has been further emphasized by the loss of several works of a number of Egyptian intellect artists, some ot which have acutely marked on the contemporary artistic movement in Egypt.

Accordingly, devoted Nachar, the professor and the artist, anticipated the danger of missing the link of creative thoughts/principles between generations. Such an aspect has shaped a threat of losing the revolutionary pioneering attempts of the time. Just then, a dream of a private collection reservoir has evolved in Nachar's mind, a place where he ensures a permanent exhibition of his works for the public as well as for budding artists.

Years and years, works and creations, with the dream never departing. Obstacles and constraints, challenges and sacrifices,then a leave. If El-Nachar has passed away before seeing his own dream comes true, it is for his devoted wife, Zeinab El-Seginy and their committed daughter, Eman, who have together materialized the wish into reality. May Ahdel Rahman El-Nachar now rest in peace in his eternal sleep....
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